What a shock !!!  No drilling is happening, all of the drill results from all of the drilling have been released.  Hence no update on drilling.  I think my 3 year old could have figured that one out but hey, thanks for telling us anyway.

What more useful information do you have for us ?  Oh yes, iceberg seller.  Well we have issued tens of millions of flow through shares.  We know they will all come flying back.  So the flow through guys will set the price.  If they decide to sell at 2 cents, I will definitely be there on the bid in a big way.  Seems like plenty of buying at 8 cents for now, but hey, if those guys like to buy each year at 15 and then sell at 8 then nothing we can do other than buy the bargain basement offer.

The royalty program.  Nothing will happen until there is a Prelim Feas Study and a production decision.  We may even have to wait for production.  What a shock there is no news.

Castle Silver spin off.  In this market ?  You have to be kidding.  What possible benefit could it be to GBB shareholders ?

Need Prelim Feas Study before securing a loan and deciding on production.  Getting a quote on a mill from Gekko, no production decision, so there is your update on that item.

What roll back ?  I have heard nothing about a roll back ?  Management is very puzzled where that rumor came from.  Was it Quebec ?  I assume you have figured out by now that it is called a roll back because you get one new share for say 10 old shares.  Not the other way around!

So there you have it.  Updated on all of your questions.  What a huge amount of invaluable investing information I have just given you for free !!  What a nice guy I am.

Cheers from BC, enjoy the lousy weather and skiing in Quebec.  Watch out for brain freeze !!


Your friend OSCAR