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Frank Basa Meeting
1/28/2013 7:01:18 PM  |  | 71 reads  | Post #32088716

so at the Vancouver conference last week on sunday, I looked for THG, nope not there, and looked for OSK, nope not there???  Was disappointed, but not surprised, Why miss this important opportunity to show case your company? cant understand it??  OSK was there last year!!

Anyways, had a meeting with Frank,  about GBB s property.  He told us some interesting stuff.  Said that the vein structure that runs thru GBB which they are testing and have started to define apparently keeps on running right thru into THG s property and right out the other side to GBB s property again!! Again, see GBB recent 43-101.  ( There are also another 3-4 such structures as well, which havent been studied in depth yet?)

I asked him, if to his knowledge if OSK or THG did any drilling, and he said he wasnt sure, but probably not?

I said, really, with what GBB has found on their property and with all that info, why wouldnt THG pursue this and why would OSK do this as well?  Are you kidding me?  He didnt respond, just smiled.

Anyways,the way I figure it,  OSK is trying to make it look like they walking away from the whole project just so they can turn around later buy GBB and THG for next to nothing?  And well, Victor the kid, as I ve read elsewhere, well, maybe he s hoping for a nice cushy job or promo with OSK when they do take out the whole property and area?

Anyways, my 2 bits, for what its worth.  Hope I m wrong, we ll see....


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