This show right now is all about t/o like  the Bizzon says ..

BUT the majors seem to keep us and all our next door gems on a hold ..

thg, yrb to name a few .. when will this major  buy out come ? who knows ??   .. They 'll sit and wait for as long as they want .. 

 Frankly .. it's hard to admit defeat .. Either a low ball financing or a roll back is defeat .. But in the end it could turn out quite a tool ..

Here is  what i'm hopping to get back in !

..A nice huge  financing at 5-8 c would dilute the hell out if the float and may be even put a new fresh hold on the stock .. The old manipulators would end up with the small end of the stick for a very long period .. Gbb could use that money to haul and mine our ore that is already crushed ( even the roads ) and the higher grade shalllow gold proven ..All while drilling more and adding drills as they make money from the gold .. already the stock would gain a little  momentum but  the stock would reach it's 4 months hold with millions of shares coming free trading ..the stock wouldn't gain any value yet ..

BUT after that we would add millions to our 101  !  we would have cash coming in from  the gold !

and news down the pipe .. Just before releasing those huge news we could then do  a roll back  1/4 shares or so 

adding ounces to the 101 , drilling , and mining news would support the s-p to it's new levels ( 40- 50 c ) 

a lower float would bring more investors and the s-p could move up to old pre roll back  highs 

Frank could issue himself more shares for consulting or .. to make up for the roll back .( these guys always have the big end of the stick ) 

And in the end when / if we reach near 1$ they could finance for a real big mill like they need .. the s-p would then reach 3-4 $ pretty fast making money to everybody even the longs pre - roll back 

so why is a roll back a bad thing to you guys and girls ?

Dont you  trust they could reach these goals ?