Bizzon, you're right concerning Marquest.

Since 2.5 years I watch GBB. Since last October, I hold GBB shares (actual 2 Millions).

I've also made this with Avion Gold (overtaken by Endeavour Mining; profit CAD 70,000) and Mandalay Resources (profit CAD 40,000 profit; sold to early)

This year, from two aspects (as well for a few, not all, Juniors) will be a very successfully year for GBB.

Why? 2 Reasons:

1.) Technical aspect: This is a response from Frank (GBB Forum;; today) The above chart is a company called Pinetree. Pinetree invests in junior resource companies. When you look at the chart you will notice it is broken into 4 parts. The first part is the company stock price, the second part is the the slow stochastic (SSTO), the third part is stochastics (STO), and the forth part is MACD Histogram. The chart is plotted over an eight year time frame on a monthly basis. If you look at the STO early in the year 2009 you notice that the red line crosses the blue line. This in the past indicates that the being of the junior market turn around is at hand. Now look at the SSTO also early in the year 2009. The red line also crosses the blue line but later on than the STO cross. This in the past confirms that the junior market has turned. Now look at the share price of PNP in that time frame, it begins to increase. If history repeats itself, then the junior market will shortly be turning around.

2.) GBB will publish this year PEA and PFS (both in Q2/Q3). Also we go this year into production with a smaller mill. Earn own money with a royalty program, which is perfect.

Frank has my full respect and trust. An absolutely intelligent businessman. Have even spoken to him.

It would not surprise me if the property has more than 5 million oz, perhaps over 10 million oz.

It just makes sense to be patient here, ignoring the Basher. In a few months we will reap the rewards.