on page 21 " at sept 30 2012 the co. had capital deficiency of 116,042 $... Imagine in december !! 

So to the ones who doubted that this financing was mostly to pay bills   and administration back log..

please explain  .. ?  And please tell how close were we from decomissioning.. What 's left and where exactly will it be going ?

Also read Related party transactions  No 1)  " the co. retains services of a co. owned by an officer ", I guess that would be Mojo Group ( Franks co. ) or Landrill .. But Landrill is mentionned at no 3) so who 's left  ?

" services provided was 98 012 $ of wich 49 006$ was recorded in exploration fee's and 49 006 $ in mngmt fee's .."  
Please also explain us how can this amount be divided in two exact halfs for both exploration fee's and adminstration  .. ?  It's like at the garage when the bill comes and labor is exactly double the parts amount  !

Except that you're at least get your car fixed ! .. Here someone got paid 98 012 $  for  3 months  , assisitng 

a little 2000m drill prog going down in Rouyn Qc  from Vancouver  B-C  .