I don't believe that we will see an offer for another 6-12 months {my opinion only}

I have 2 senarios using 250 million outstanding shares {which is likely too many shares out BUT CONSERVATIVE}


4 million oz I hope { my guess is closer to 3 - 3.5 million oz thou}

$50 / oz - 250 million shares outstanding - $.80 {lowest / oz buyout that I have seen in 2012}

$75 / oz - 250 million shares outstanding - $ 1.20 {similar to what TRR recieved}    Posted by Precious on 11/1412012


Looks like YOUR 100% on the 250 million shares( which is likely.. MAYBE  too many shares OUT after last FLOW-through PP..) & is NOT CONSERVATIVE""""""""""""but FACTINAL & your $.80  buyout is almost HILARIOUS when it trades at 10 CENTS... PUMPING is FUN.. but the  RELALITY IS  VERY SAD for most of holders of shares holding  @ 10 cents imo...... VERY.PRECIOUS  When Holding shares..OUCH...OUCH CHEERS...  from The BELLE PROVINCE QUEBEC""""""""