Well, regarding the repricing of the options and the general disenchantment with the outcome of the sale, one way to insure that there will be no more dilution using this method (repricing and/or issuing new options) is to

collectively vote down this power at the next AGM.  Their salaries should be equal to or less than the fees charged to Pattern, as if they were project engineers billing their time to its clients.  If the billing is sufficient or proper, it should also pay for fixed expenses.  Anybody who is not necessary to the conduct of operations or to achieve the goals of bringing each project to financing, should be let go or hired as a contractor for specific tasks charged to project (Pattern).  If management announces this in the next few weeks, they will have earned a bit more respect.  It seems no white knight/arbitrator has surfaced to purchase this company meanwhile.  The only thing that the Pattern payments should be used for (our collective money) is to do good on our loans and secure our final payout of about 0.70$/share in the next 24 months.