What I think is important if the deal goes through is that most of the earmarked cash to be disbursed by Pattern shall not be used to cover the burn rate.  Management has stated that they will bill Pattern for services for their services until completion.  Therefore, we should expect that most of the 30 million left over after 2 years will be available for distribution to shareholders in addition to the Cloosh Valley yearly cash.   They can then distribute the proceeds of this deal (~0.70) and shareholders could elect to 1) maintain a shell/spin-off that operates with that yearly cash flow to find/develop other opportunities, 2) or to simply collect a yearly distribution instead of a sale or 3) an outright sale of Cloosh.

I am not a fan of waiting that long, but at the present share price (barring any unforeseen events), 3X the money within 24-36 months is not something to spit at.