Windmillwatcher: You're accurate in your evaluation, 95% of the comments made on this board have no idea what they're talking about. I've always been bullish on this holding, everyone will tell you that. But when someone wants to hold a stock down with a few million shares to play with, what can you do. I personaly see the valuation much higher then you, but thats irrelevent at this point. Anon 001 is pushing us down to flush out all the weak hands, started today. I'm actually disappointed they took this long... This has been the pattern for the last year, if you watch you'll see them move nearly a million shares. So the question is, do you believe this is a safe holding going forward? Myself, unlike the rest here, actually don't mind when we decline. I'd rather pay less for shares. But be smart, don't get in over your head, if you can't cost average down while they dump shares, stear clear.