I have a strong interest in renewable energy and have been following renewable energy stocks for quite a long time (including this one). There is no indication that this company will be left at the numbers you are suggesting. Please point me to a credible source that suggests this as I may have missed it in my research. This would mean that the company would need to blow through 20 million dollars in two years and not have assets to show for it. This is highly unlikely. If you are suggesting that the company will not recieve the payments for these projects, I think that is unlikely as well. One of the projects has construction permits and another is awaiting an environmental assessment. With Tumbler having recived construction permits in the same area, I doubt Pattern will not be able to attain these. Due to Pattern's financial capacity and strong history in the renewable sector I also believe that they will be able to advance the other two projects to completion in short order. For me, the only worrysome part is the timeline, but by then Finavera will have recieved a vast majority of the money that was offered. Just to be clear at 10 million the value would still be .25 and that isn't even counting the assets it would have picked up or the Cloosh asset. My valueation of .40 - .45 cents is fairly conservative for this company and I am having difficulty coming up with any sort of way to even hit the .05-.15 valuations that are projected on this board. I do think also that if this company accepts this deal (assuming no one else offers) The final assests would be picked up in short order because the value of the company is basically just in cash.