I woke up at 3 am last night,  with this idea in my head and thought I'd give a go with you and hopefully some in the company will see it , too. No doubt there are flaws in my thinking, as I am not an expert, but if so perhaps somebody else can clarify my proposal and make it into something viable.
Taking a lead from what Western Wind plans to do with its company sale, to sell it all, but piecemeal. I propose for the sake of the stockholders devotion to Finavera and belief in the company's statements that they were going to sell all the company, and therefore the reason why so many of us stayed on raising the stock price to 40 cents to consequentially to be gravely disappointed by the announcement that all but one piece would be sold. Finding the stock price falling to 22 as of today, heartbroken investors are feeling that they have been betrayed. Why doesn't the company sell the 10% interest in the Ireland project as well? If they did this, I assume, upon complete payment by Pattern, and a different buyer for the 10% interest in Ireland, that all the shareholders, including the directors who own 35% of the shares would receive a nice profit. After all it is capitalized at only 9 million dollars and amount to be paid would far exceed that. The directors could benefit enough with their 35%. What's the point of hanging on for the stock to go down and their buying everyone out on the cheap, going private, as has been hinted, but for sheer greed? Such a action would be ungrateful (to be kind) to all of us who believed in and even loved the project, the vision of wind turbines turning over beautiful B.C. and also helping the First Nations Peoples. Personally I have been hit very hard after staying with the company since the time of the water turbines. More fair to everybody would to sell the property in Ireland, too, share the profits equally with all the investors and let the directors form an entirely new company if they wish.