I’m not sure where you folks are getting your numbers from, but here is what I have on this deal:

40 Million (Pattern deal)  plus 9.3 Million (Cloosh payment)  =  49.3 million

49.3 million minus 20 Million (Debt and Liabilities) = 29.3 million

29.3 million / 39,405,216 (shares outstanding) = .74 cents a share

Since this is 2014 money and it isn’t likely that it will all be around at that point, I would discount the share price that I have come up with. Even with a fairly conservative estimate I would put this stock at .40 to .45 cents. There are a few things that should be noted as well:

  1. Development projects would be very cheap to purchase and the company would have money to move them through the process (something other development companies have trouble doing)
  2. Cloosh income will allow the company to cover ongoing costs more effectively
  3. There may be more offers yet to come
  4. The money is contingent on projects going forward
  5. Company debt is cheaper now with Patterns help
  6. A good portion of this money comes as soon as the deal is signed, allowing the company to make some moves going forward

The valuations you are offering are inconsistent with mine. Can you please provide a breakdown so I can understand your position better?