i think it's being held down somewhat but i also think people are still waiting for stellar news. i would think the nr should be good but a stellar one might move it well, and regarding 4th/year end which is typically released late apr and is the max time the venture allows, i have sent 2 emails about that. plenty of billion dollar companies (incl ebay) have already released their year ends, so, i this digital age why is fsw waiting???? they have the #'s, so what the hold up??? good or bad(i doubt) whats the hold up. it's the first time they haven't replied to an email. i believe we should be kept up to date. so if ur inclined i'd urge as many of u to send an email to that effect to let them know we give a ......!

they may be busy with setting up a lot of "store fronts" pertaining to gsi. i agree with beemop that it's a little under the radar and there won't be much warning if any, because i still think it will be bought and if ur not in b4 that nr u'll be sol. why rent the doorway when u could own it! what's a 100mil when u(ebay) have 7 bil cash lying around! lol. and as i've said b4 any co. from any country could use them to sell their goods in china, who wouldn't want to own that? eventually global economies will recover and more people will spend. would be nice to see amazon showing some interest.

anyways ...blah blah blah just my thoughts. and let's see some #'s sooner this time!