Was disappointed with the Q3 results with earnings smaller than expected.  However, in hindsight - Q3 2011 was very strong and still Q3 2012 surpassed it easily.  We now have had two consecutive revenue surplus quarters and Q4 should make it three - this has to count for something in terms of sp.  FSW stated some time ago that it takes 9 months to a year for new contracts to develop.  GSI is relatively new and I have to think it will be really good for FSW -only concern I have is that there have been no new signings or NRs for some time to help propel the sp in between quartely reporting.


I plan to hold all shares as I believe in the China internet story and the fact that any company producing consistent quarter over quarter gains has to prosper at  some point.  I am still amazed that this company continues to trade in the 10 cent range when it has so much potential.