cosmicman46, not sure where you got the short position information but here is the reality.


Short Summary
Short Volume As Of
185,067 31/Jan/2013
269,348 15/Jan/2013
221,869 31/Dec/2012

I understand everyone's concerns with FMS, will we get offtakes before financing will we see financing in place as Gary mentioned in another interview he had a few months back by early 2013 or the latest interview which he said in 2 years. These are comments made by our CEO, which one is correct as far as I am concerned these are comments which confuse and raise many questions among loyal shareholders which are unacceptable. A corporate update would be warranted about now giving investers the ability to either stay invested or sell if the time frame is two years. If the two year time frame is correct I have lost all confidence in our CEO without a doubt not what I understood!!!!!!