Hey big thinker take a look at HRP

I look at all my portfolios, every day. Have some tigers by the tail, I don't consider FMS in that category.


since you asked the Q, let's compare CEO's

Both Co have been publicly traded about the same time, HRP did a IPO and hasn't had to come to market since, diluting shareholders like FMS has, again and again

HRP has done a JV onshore Brazil for $1,000,000,000 with another $5,000,000,000+ over next 10 years. Has already hit first milestone, 500,000,000 BOE

HRP did an offshore farm-in, only giving up 14% with a $12B oil producer

Drill ship has arrived, undergoing safety inspections and maintenance, once drilling starts, 60 days later, will be a binary event.

HRP CEO owns 5% of Co and put his own research Co into the share structure, unlike GE and Grafoid

IMHO much better risk/reward with HRP (trading for cash or less) than FMS, which one will be a 10 bagger? In 90 days and success with the drill bit, HRP.

You can come over and wash my Ferrari this June