ECOB trading at 4.2 cents and Gary Economo Dynavest bankrupt, gee whiz I hope this is a different Gordon Chiu.

EcoBlu is Proud to Have Dr. Gordon Chiu Join Our Advisory Board as Scientific Adviser

EcoBlu Products, Inc. (OTCBB:ECOB) announced today that it has appointed Dr. Gordon Chiu to the advisory board as their Chief Scientific Adviser.

"I have independently validated the chemistry, its effectiveness and claims to be impacting on multiple levels: mold prevention, termite prevention and fire inhibition. Unpredictable environmental disasters (flooding, hurricanes etc.) increase while health care and insurance costs become limited and reduced. Today, the risks to health and to home are overlooked and under-compensated because the costs to fully insure all parameters are unbearable. Therefore, when disaster strikes the end consumer will bear significant and hidden losses. Rarely does a solution arrive where the positive benefits are overwhelming and the manufacturing costs are marginal. Technologically advanced construction materials such as EcoBlu offer a unique and preventative solution given today's current state of affairs," states Dr. Chiu.

"Now that we have a growing number of physicians and scientists supporting what we are trying to do when it comes to preventing mold growth on lumber used to frame houses, the builders will listen. We have been trying to show builders for years that all these mold related claims are real and people really do get sick when mold grows behind the walls on the framing lumber. Let's face it, there is no house that can keep all the water out in rain storms. You may not see the water that is in the walls but it may be enough to birth the mold that is present on the lumber. If the lumber is coated before the house is framed the mold cannot grow even if it gets wet. Doctors who like what we are doing to prevent Mold are telling me that this is the best kind of patient care," said Steve Conboy, President and CEO of EcoBlu Products Inc. "Getting someone of Dr. Chiu's credentials to represent the wide gaps in science/medicine, business and our industry is a necessity."

Dr. Chiu replies, "I am delighted to serve as the bridge for medical and scientific facts supporting EcoBlu Products to industries and governments to expedite such changes. Certain pathogens (i.e. mold, bacteria, viruses) that are left to fester and grow excessively, catalyzed by traditional and primitive building materials, has created unique health etiologies that have confounded primary medical care and insurance carriers for decades. It is an honor to be leading growing teams of passionate, clinically devoted physicians (i.e. Dr. Hooper, Dr. Song etc.), scientists and their laboratories. In reviewing their results, this has reproduced a disturbing, unwavering record of health facts relating to increased allergies, cancers, depression, decreased productivity, memory loss in adults, children and families that could have been avoided by using smarter materials. If we don't immediately recognize the impact that certain environmental disasters can cause, embrace technologically advanced construction materials as our solution, then the next sudden spike of disasters will once again lead to incalculable damages to our health, economy and balance as a society."

About Dr. Chiu:

Dr. Chiu has worked as a research scientist for both Pfizer Inc. and Merck & Co. Inc. and has healthcare and marketing experience with strong links to Wall Street and Asia. He is an execution driven businessman with over 15 years of combined domestic and international experience in biomedical, chemical, cosmetic, medical and technology industries. He has served on numerous boards and advisory boards of both public and private companies. His solid background and broad experience has allowed him to accomplish and advise in areas of Alzheimer's research, antimicrobial research, breast cancer research, dermatology, drug addictions research, and green technologies. His years of experience and continuous involvement have created deep relationships within the scientific, business, and medical communities. Dr. Chiu developed and owns methodologies called directed combinatorial algorithmic libraries (D.C.A.L.) that are used in various research and commercial applications.

About EcoBlu Products, Inc.

EcoBlu Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of proprietary wood products coated with an eco-friendly chemistry that protects against mold, fungus, rot-decay, wood ingesting insects, termites and fire with EcoBlu's FRC(TM) technology (Fire Retardant Coating). EcoBlu products utilizing BLUWOOD(TM) and FRC(TM) technology is the ultimate in wood protection, preservation, and fire safety to building components constructed of wood; from joists, beams and paneling, to floors and ceilings.

The Company is committed to the development, marketing and sales of environmentally-responsible building materials. EcoBlu products are ready to deliver the winning edge to builders and the environment with its sustainable green product line.

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