De-risking would involve not overhyping and borderline lying to shareholders.


I am very much on the brink with this company which I have held for a few years. Grafoid has not disclosed revenues, money raised, or applications developed. Partnerships is about the only thing that has met timelines as discussed by the CEO.


As far as lac knife, it is Feb and drill results that were 80% complete in September are still not disclosed. Off takes are nowhere near completion, based on the fact that PEA needs revision and more drilling is required. 


I know I sound pretty negative but so much potential with this company and management constantly delays everything. That unfortunately makes the company seem like any other penny stock. Lots of talk with no action. Has anyone heard any timeline updates on drilling results, grafoid information, or off take negotiations?

I know a typical response would be talk to the CEO and ask him questions, unfortunately I have gone this route and not one timeline has been met