Cosmicman, I'm with you.   And going back to the topic of graphene patents...

I think if one were to do a search for graphene on Science Daily, it would soon be evident that patents for tweaking the CVD process or for myriad graphene applications far, far outnumber ones for new lower-cost production processes.

In the meantime, anyone with the ability to produce 'pristine' graphene in bulk is more likely able to  fund FMS than the reverse at this time.

Today, at  on their Sample Catalog page  the most expensive sample on offer cost 1,900 pounds (~ $ 3,000 Cdn) for 6 barely visible flakes (some bi- and multilayer) on a 4" diameter SiO2 wafer.  That one and the other 5 samples listed, starting at 500 pounds, were already marked sold.  They put a gold grid on the wafers to make it easier to locate the flakes under a microscope.

Does this help give some idea of what one kg of graphene is currently worth?