Graphite and Graphene Weekly Review: Demand for Graphite is increasing

Jan.22, 2013  

Quebec and eastern Ontario are well known for having the capability of yielding high quality graphite. China still controls much of graphite production, which makes new deposits outside China very important and which has stimulated a number of graphite mining projects in areas outside of China. Last week, Focus Graphite (TSXV: FMS; OTCQX: FCSMF), known for its development of the Lac Knife deposit, rich in high purity graphite that is highly suitable for conversion in graphene, announced that it has signed an agreement with the Brazilian Lara Exploration Ltd to operate the Caninde project for the extent of the agreement (five years). A significant flake graphite mineralization area has already been identified with indicated graphitic carbon content reaching of over 40%. This is very high considering that 20% graphitic carbon content in some noted flake graphite producing areas in Ontario and Quebec is considered high. Brazil is the world’s third largest producer of graphite and it is also an end user for value added graphite products such as electrodes and aerospace composites; it is also the third largest manufacturer of refractories. Focus has therefore established a strong position in one of graphite strategic growth areas; indeed, Brazil intends to boost graphite production to avoid having to rely on Chinese sources.