Nice to read all the positives of late but what matters most is how the market preceived FMS, simply put just another penny stock on the venture exchange. The market at this point is totally confused with whats going on, are we a graphite play are we a REE play are we a technology play and whats with the CPC's. The reason a company with a 2% carbon deposit and a much higher production costs is at $1.40 is clarity and following a normal progression in its business plan.

For me its important to know 3 factors before our AGM:

1) When and how will we complete our financing requirements, will it come in a form of debt, partnership participation, Hydro Quebec or the government involvement and then there is equity. We simply need to be trading above $2.00 before any consideration of such is done, anything under that will be devastating to shareholders.

2) What impact will our processing /purifying patents have on FMS including all technical information.

3) Do we actually have offtake partners and at least 1-2 deals signed.

The problem with alot of ceo's of late they use these two words like buying gum at a store, shareholder value and de-risking, if I may be so bold to say 95% of investors to date find their investment in FMS  underwater and if our play has been de-risked we would not be trading at 68 cents.

If we are trading at 70 cents or we have diluted the cr@@p out of us by the AGM Gary's position as CEO will be questioned. We are now a show me stock enough with the promises just give true shareholder value.