Lac Knife is not a speculative junior gold play that will never reach production.

It's high 16% grade is confirmed. Its 8.1 million tons are confirmed and will likely be upgraded once infill/expansion results are in.

Unlike gold, FMS customers are waiting in the wings for confirmations of quality and recovery, likely to come from locked cycle metallurgical tests, and later from confirmation its production circuit works from pilot plant tests.

This is a long-term project, not a plaything for daytraders.

Gary has stated he has the customers and the financing. To speculate what financing terms are at this point is an exercise in futility. Everyone knows Gary as a shrewd negotiator.

We have announcements coming in the short term, milestone announcements which hopefully, will put upwards pressure on our SP.

Grafoid will emerge, I'm certain, as a global mass producer of low-cost, high quality, high purity graphene (with emphasis on low cost because this is Gary's business modus and imperative) - something no other junior miner in the world can claim and something we'll all realize a benefit from it.

Focus Graphite's true valuation remains as yet unknown. If Kwyjibo's REE numbers are good in a 43-101 and FMS and Soquem move forward to bring it to PEA status, it will, of course raise our SP.

If its GE's stated intention to become an industry consolidator, I'm sure he will do it. 

China's massive commodity acquisition machine is shut down temporarily as the new regime puts its own people in place. It should startup again around April. Wouldn't be surprised if Lac Knife was an item on China's shopping list.

Kwyjibo's REE project is considered by the Quebec government to be one of the jewels among its mining developments and, as Espagnol mentions, fits well with the planned REE processing facility near Montreal.

Look at the progress, or the scope and scale of progress rather, during the last two years as stated in the company's latest MD&A (on SEDAR today.) It is remarkable.

The financials too, are remarkable. Focus has more cash in the bank today than it did at this time last year even after the costs of drilling and exploration expenses were accounted for.

The market old boys can't fathom the business dynamics of a progressive upstart. I believe FMS' customers can. They appear to be way ahead of the market on this play.