Well I since you won't answer the question, I guess I'll assume that Espagnol properly identified you as a shorter.

Another whopper already fact checked and debunked


Giving the problems with SP here, that I provided a link to......why are you here? Why did you buy....if you even have any shares?


I picked up a whack of Ignores over on the BXI.to BB.

Juicers like yourself were overlooking problems with BXI Biz Plan 1, Biz Plan 2, whack of cheap options to mngmnt that they quickly sold out while diluting share structure up the ying yang. CEO got fired


But that was years B4 U joined SH.


I sold out most of the last tranche of my shares > $2. BXI trades for 7 cents now. Sadly. a whack of koolaid drinkers, that should of stayed with draft, really got burned there. Had a $100,000 wager with a poster there, about plant performance, that he welched on.


wow..I might of picked up another ignore


So what's your game?