It's about time that we started paying someone to say that FMS is worth something

Uh...already did that. Cost shareholders $10,000 per month. spent more $$ per month "buy an analyst, repeat as necessary"  than drilling in the field

Sadly Social Media investors don't hang around long. And when OSC puts MCTO's on + when PEA's move Measured to Indicated...deep pocketed investors start moving on also.

How do you like SP?

Some idiot posters here, after PEA was published (thank you OSC, shareholders could not get a PEA out of GE) posted that GE should get a $1,000,000 bonus.

For what? losing first mover status? MCTO?

perhaps his babysitter has a keyboard

It's about time that mngmnt here started to deliver

Where are the "no brainer 20M tons"?


Working for free