The negative comments wrt deadlines are biased:

  • has NGC move the yardstick forward in any meaningful way over the last 5 months? The analysts are scrambling to paint a totally unrealistic picture in an attempt to support the share price. Who will finance this proposition and and at what price, given the alternative higher NPV projects (witness several new much higher deposits)
  • FMS did deliver a PEA with a 75%+ focus on the higher value proposition as stated in May/12. It did take longer to deliver but is attributable to the more complex planning and analysis, and related Plan and B considerations...Moreover, the (independently) confirmed higher demand for high value and different shades of customized products triggered several revisions to the initial plan. I submit it’s best to delay and submit a plan with a higher NPV than rushing and tabling a lower NPV one!!!!

Over the coming months we should expect several important NRs further confirming our strategic positioning, milestones and shareholder value.