Pogo ... you and Nomo and Slash have had a "full court press" on for the past few days ... Trashing Gary Economo ... Bashing FMS ... What's your agenda? I mean you've said your piece ... made your points ... now either shut up or move on ... BFS this BFS that ... BFS can be an acronym for more than "Bankable Feasibility Study" ... and I think it applies to each of you ... I think you're all just BFS's trying to drive the share price down to your own advantage ... I mean what other purpose can you be serving other than your own private (or perhaps collective) agenda? ... and why are any of you still here if you think this CEO and company are a POS? Can any one of you answer that question directly instead of playing duck & dodge with your juvenile  "tee hee hee's" from the corner of Junior High gymnasium.