It’s becoming more evident that fewer graphite companies are gonna secure financing, but FMS is and will remain in the top tier. Moreover, it’s in an excellent financial position given its astute private placement earlier this year. It has lots of cash to pursue its next 12 month goals, whereas many other players will exhaust their current cash positions, and will struggle to re-finance. For example, the current value of its cash position represents > than 25% of its market cap prior to considering its other assets such as 40% in Graphoid and all the other properties it owns. The most recent NR wrt the Lac Tetepisca (@ 5-45% Gc) gotta scare current players with only one property with <2% Gc) - it’s still early stage but high grade and in an excellent jurisdiction, another de-risking thrust for FMS.

The lower grade deposits are relegated to lower priority plan B or C projects, with the higher grade ones (eg. with cutoffs >5%) securing the limited and targeted investment community attention. The hype is over, and now the rationalization is in force!!!!