Also large buying by Anonymous ... probably Pogo, Slash & Johnny Cash looking to get back in :)

I can't speak for other, not do I provide unsolicited investment advice. Get a major league chuckle at the posters...sell me your shares, like they don't know how to buy on open market, and they have been able to buy cheaper for a long time. How much more dry powder does one need?

Bot in .64 and sold 1/2 in $1.20 range, last investment cycle. I see no reason to buy more at this time. Need mngmnt focus aligned with mine ( as a shareholder wanting to buy more) and that isn't happening here.

Too many better investment ideas out there, graphite is a rather common element on this globe.

GE would make a great salesman....let's tow a iceberg to the Middle East and sell the water.

Won't it melt?

Let's wrap it in a insulated blanket...let's Patent it

What if it melt's inside the blanket?

Let's make koolaid instead