Its kind of fun watching GE flip around like a fish outta water. Say note that from the time FMS submits the MCP it may take up to 8 months to get approval.

So up to 8 months once it is submitted to be approved. I wonder how long it will take to put the plan together. My bet 8 to 12 months. good thing they hired Terrapex. Has anyone asked GE why it took so long to choose a company to help with the permitting?

Lets see if they file the plan by June of 2013 and it gets approved in record time lets say by December 2013 you could be in production by first qtr 2015 after taking a year to build the mine.

Lets see now that would be the "fantasy" timeline the "reality" will likely be production second half 2016 or first quarter of 2017.

I fully expect GE to tell evryone that he is going to FAST TRACK it. 


12.2 Rehabilitation Plan Approval Process

Table II shows the different steps in the rehabilitation plan approval process and the evaluation of the financial guarantee by the MRN. This procedure may apply to both exploration and mining activities, whether for approval of the initial rehabilitation plan or a revised version.

It takes approximately four months to study a rehabilitation plan for exploration activities and eight months to study a rehabilitation plan for mining activities. The time frame will depend on:

the number of files to be studied and their complexity;

whether all the necessary supporting documents (plans, studies, stability analysis, etc.) have been included in the rehabilitation plan;

whether or not the technical information included in the rehabilitation plan is sufficient to make an enlightened decision.