Jim90 is definitely drinking the kool aid. I still believe strongly in the prospects of the company. However, in terms of corporate presentations and statements/goals made by the CEO,  the company is under achieving.


"Significant progrss with off takes" " We will have off takes to take us into production" - no off takes will occur this year I GURANTEE it.


Grafoid AMEX listing by end of year - another goal that will not happen

Drilling results ahead of schedule - results later then expected somehow

PEA - literally several quarters late

Graphene North American Alliance - a one year development with CVD (good but nothing exceeding expectations)

Positive pilot plant testing - no news whatsoever on this

Revenues - nowhere to be found

End of 2013/Early 2014 production - This will not be met

Resource estimate intial - late, no measured amount


Very few things have exceeded my expectations or even met them.

Rutgers deal - this I applauded

Donninger hiring - very good move

Private Placement @ $1.20 


Unfortunately there are still tons of areas where the CEO needs to meet expectations or exceed them.

Unfortunately we will not find out till the end of next year in my opinion where this company stands, I do not expect any off takes to be signed before mid 2013.