There are quite a few of us here that have a substantial position that rode the stock to this level and no doubt most are concerned with their investment. The reason some are upset is due to statements made in NR's, corporate updates and interviews held over the last year which never transpired or extremely late. I was under the impression regarding corporate comments FMS would be the go to investment regarding graphite. Things happen behind the scenes that cause delays which is understandable but for FMS that has been the norm. Kilroy is correct regarding potential offtakes, I'm sure the upgraded material required by potential end user must of been verified by roche or it would not be included. We will have offtakes announced the problem is when and how many, I'm not sure if offtakes are required first or do potential partners need to see a NR regarding financing first, either way I will hold tight till Gary does his thing and hopefully we reap the rewards soon.