Nomo: Yes, I like Lara and Reservoir. 

FMS, however, is a substantially different in its business direction and objectives.

GE, whom I've gotten to know during the last few years, will succeed in this venture. So far, I've seen a foundation created from nothing to offtake commitments - confirmed by the PEA.

The appointment of Joe Doninger was the technical link that binds FMS to the buyers.

Whether Gary or the Roches or RPAs were responsible for delays, Gary's wears the accountabilty hat at the end of the day. I've never known him not to live up to a commitment once made, so I take exception to your comment about stories not being remotely true.

He's gone beyond making Lac Knife a simple mining play, he's taken graphite to a next generational level.

Its unfortunate that some investors in this stock have become frustrated because they haven't made a quick buck. It takes time to implement a plan for a vertically integrated technology structure. That's not an excuse. Its a fact.

I see FMS as a long-play and I'm sticking with it. As an early investor, my objectives are obviously quite different than yours. That's fine.

But what I see in this company is an intangible asset that keeps growing in value. That asset is Gary Economo. There are other longs here who know Gary better than I do who would support that opinion. 

With FMS we're witnessing original thinking - a breath of fresh air in an industry that can't seem to get its head out of its old-boys derierre. The PEA numbers support my position. 

Yes, I could have gotten out at $1.70. But that number doesn't come close to meeting the potential this stock has and/or in meeting my own objectives. Even at 50 cents today, I see no reason to change my view.