I think were all capable of reading and understanding the PEA.


The drill results will provide closure on the measured resources, and if they used the combination of both results it means that the results will most likely not vary significantly. You think suddenly there going to have 4% graphite and less resource?


Second, who cares about a piece of equipment that will not significantly impact anything. You seemed to miss some major points that were positive.


Also keep in mind everything RPA states is conservative. Using 10% discount rate, 25% contingency and even a 20 year life on the mine may be conservative.


There is a huge change in tone by RPA for this study. They are implying that not only can the mine be profitable and the graphite has a market (even the $800), but also that Focus has reached customers that do want to buy their product. 


Once off takes are signed we can put it all to rest.