Negative comments on active boards such as this one has been around forever.
People should
simply and completely ignore those posts and concentrate on why we are
invested here. Replies
to the negative is exactly what they are after and it makes me laugh how
many times people will
reply which just gives them an additional platform to continue. You can have
healthy rebuttles,
however, please ignore the pathetic posts which are clearly designed to
enhance their underlying
objectives. There are two great companies that have emerged as the leaders
in this infancy space.
FMS and NGC along with a host of satellites which is always the norm. I have
positioned myself in
both of the leading companies which I believe are going to blast off to
unimaginable hieghts in the
very near future.Focus is and will be the number one pick and largest
holding considering carefully
over the last year. Everything is in place for a boom like we have never
seen the likes of and I
wish everyone the best of fortunes no matter which companies you may choose
to go with.