Reading MOST post's on this board lately has changed my investment strategy
on Focus.
I have decided to accumulate an additional position. Look, take a step back
and take
a deep breath and look at what your investment strategy will be on this
company. If you
are not satisfied then SELL. Move on to another company, sipmple as that. As
for myself,
I will be holding for a couple of simple reasons. Even if you cut the
deposit in half as
so many are claiming which is such a joke, however, would still be the
richest graphite
deposit with a twenty to thirty year mine life.I don't know about you all
but I don't really
want to be sitting here chatting with you all in thirty years. Dr. Gordon
Chui and his graphene
work which I believe will stun the investor to unlimited heights. Why would
such an intelligent
man decide to leave Pfizer and Merck to come and join a mickey mouse company
on the venture board
and dedicate years of his life on his plan. So ask yourself this simple
question. What is the
unlimited potential and why have you invested your time and money here
?.Good day all.