Been following the move on graphite and the graphene story since the
beginning of all the excitement.
Spoke with Mr. Economo personally about a year ago and his idea of this
company has not changed which
is exactly what I wanted to see.Kwibjyo, discovery of a monster copper
deposit by drilling a bit deeper
and the Neodinium rare earth side of the story.Lac Knife,eight to fifteen MM
tons of graphite with a
world class grade and a mine to market strategy with grafoid which at the
time we spoke had not even
unfolded yet.The Focus story hit the ground running and just simply got a
bit ahead of itself by making
the move to $1.75 or so.Since then a year has almost past and the story has
just been getting better and
better with all of the constructive news releases and methodical pin
points.Dr. Gordon Chui and the rest
of the cast along with a complete consolidation now has this company poised
as if we are in a pressure
cooker about to make that move back to the highs we made months
ago.Oversubscribed financing at a dollar
a share is a fine example.Lot of eyes on this gem and we will see how
quickly things are about to change
in a "NEW YORK MINUTE".Well done to all involved for the plain and simple
reason that Graphene has still
not even graced the covers of Websters YET.