Who are you people on this board.Concerns of Quebec halting it's mining licensing agreements give me a break.Look,
you guys that havn't stepped up to the plate and bought fms yet who are desperatly trying to get the stock price to go
down so you can get in may as well move on to other things.I have been with this one since the beginning.Read my posts
discussing Jack Lifton's comments on the importance of graphite's future.DD is key and I have been studying this sector
for years and this company is being put together with intelligence,patience and timing.Nobody even discusses the "AWE"
focus metals controls.Dr. Chiu giving up a multi million dollar a year future with some of the biggest companies in the world
to come on over to Focus Metals.Focus Metals.Wonder why he would do that.The intelligent ones will probably figure it out
and the ones that want to just watch....Just watch.2012 and 2013 the story unfolds.Cheers