Today they penny pinch.Tomorrow,whole new ballgame.In time this company will far exceed any small time
expectations people may have.Accumulate on dips and keep a level head.Example - Molycorp.Any company
that holds the richest deposit of a raw material in HIGH demand is the company to own.FMS has already shown
investors the power within.Just got ahead of itself and thats all.Look at the Grafoid holders of which FMS owns
a 40% stake.SMART SMART SMART people the way they are quietly putting this gem together.Think these guys
are worried about a few years.This is their game plan.They will succeed and step up to the plate with the majors
one day.This is the plan and if you are not with them I fear you will look back on these days under a dollar a share
and say "WHY DIDN'T I STICK WITH THIS DEAL".Final thought is do NOT take your eyes off the ball on this company
or you will be sorry you did.GLTA