You are absolutely correct 'Horseman'.....I don't own any shares at present ...and my posts have made that very obvious.


I've been posting on and off for some 5 years...( started when the stock was about $1.00 )and for those who can't figure it out...I've never been against the product. What I have constantly challenged is the 'BS' that is routinely promulgated on the board ( sometimes from questionable sources ) by some who patently have no idea whereof they speak. 


There are some eloquent and knowledgeable posters....they stand out. Others routinely believe that if they can 'think' it ...they can 'say' it. I'll defend to a 'T' the right to free speech......but blatant fairytales and mistruths don't further anyones cause. If they did ...the stock wouldn't be at twenty cents.