I sold my shares in early 2012 because I thought the company had at least 1-2 years more before it begins to make another run . I was fortunately to make some nice money in gold stocks. I made up for my losses in FLY (AMA) and then some. Thank goodness.

I continue to monitor FLY because I still believe they have a possibility of making some profits.

HOWEVER, please Bill stop making these projections in news releases. It almost pathetic. It actually makes me not want to invest in this stock again. Long term investors will know what I am referring to.  Usually it means another PP is in the works.

IF (that is a BIG IF) you get 25% of that airbus market than release it in a news release. Haven't you learned. I will stay on the sidelines until the company is cashflow positive. Money talks.

Good luck to FLY investors. I hope that this is the year for you guys. You deserve it.