Hey Cliff58,

I just wondering since you've been around here for 4 years, what  do you have as an entry or average ?

Is it 50 cents, a dollar, from back in 2008 before it fell off the cliff ?

I have called this stock correctly and was the evil bear that everyone hated for years.

Such negativity posts from a long time bull, when good news has been happening for this stock for a year now, (except the one dillution this year), is probably a great indicator that the stock is still being sold off by early investors.

Late investors will be the ones rewarded in this story . I'm in at a 22.1 cent average.

Early investors will tend to sell off too early in the news recovery for psychological relief, only to feel bitter depression, when it goes into the euphoric stage of the cycle which they will not participate in due to jaded emotions. 

This is year end time, and one must wait through it and the general bear market that is happening right now. IMHO this is one of those one in a thousand VSE stocks that is actually going to reward all it's investors that long term hold.