Hot off the press!



As a private company BlackShale ("BSR") will not be issuing press releases, that is something that Forent will do.  However, you should keep in mind a couple of things i) if we mention BSR in a press release we'll need to have them approve what we say and they are likely to want to say as little as possible and ii) the first vertical well is being drilled primarily to obtain technical data in order to maximize the likelihood of success and production from the subsequent horizontal leg.  At this time we anticipate that the horizontal leg will not be drilled for several months until all the technical data can be properly analyzed.  While it is possible that the vertical well will be able to produce hydrocarbons, we are anticipating that this will not be the case.  BSR has an extremely rigorous and thorough scientific approach to the drilling and completion of horizontal wells in unconventional reservoirs, which we believe will maximize the probability of success.  In addition Forent will utilize the technical data to better understand the multiple conventional opportunities that complement the non-conventional targets on the Montgomery lands.  We will do this by tying the substantial new well information to the 3D seismic for improved detection of porosity, fracturing and hydrocarbon traps which should lead to lower risk drilling down the road.
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