Here is a fair valuation as posted by Buddy Fox.



And you establish a Market Cap out of what ? The Air pressure below 10 feet at 45 Degree celsius in the Northern plains of Ethiopia ? Or the estimnated speed of the wind when you stick your finger up in the air?

Come cap

Business people buy hard assets not vaporware, let alone inflated numbers that could ill reflect on the true value of the worth of a Corporation, such as Market Cap for example !



Huh? can you translate that for me? That makes absolutely no sense.


You can't use todays SP and compare it with one down the road. S/O will change, even if S/O fully diluted does not.


Buy using a MCap as a take over target you simply divid the Mcap by the S/O at the time to come up with the SP at a future point.


For arguments sake, let's say FED proves up exactly what AAA has in the ground, and to keep things simple, lets just take about the resources for comparison.


AAA : MCap 171mil @.80c

FED: MCap at 171m =  $1.58 per share


BUT when FED reaches a buck, those public warrants are going to start to be exercised. So that's going to add an additional 34 million shares, but at the same time add 23millon to the FED coffer.



Shares Issued and Outstanding: 106,371,626

Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding: 142,765,600* 

Cash Position : ~$11 million

Debt: Nil 

Share Price : $.70 

52-Week Range: N/A 

Market Capitalization: $74,460,000

Held by Insiders : ~50%**

* Exercise of all warrantts and options adds $23 mil to treasury taking EPC through bankable feasibility with no further dilutiion.

So lets recalculate the math based on the adjusted S/O and addition monies in the coffer:

MCap: 171mil + 23mil from warrants = 184mil

S/O : 108mil + 34 mill from warrants = 142.7 mill S/O

For a SP of: $1.29

Which is right in line with professional analyst 12 month target price, which varies between 1.05 and 1.50 per share.


Now seeing as my number of $1.29 is pretty far from you're of 3.60, I'll leave you with this:

My first post on this topic gave a fair value of 250 to 300 million for a take out.

That would yield a fully diluted Share Price of $1.75 to 2.10 on a take out offer. Or about a 30 to 50% premium on on analyst 12 month target.

Seeing as I love to toot my own horn, I have to say this is the most reasonable and professional analysis on the future potential movement of FEDs SP.

I don't know about most investors, but I'm happy as a pig in sh**t with a ~ 400% annualized return


___ aka Buddy Fox

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