Yesterday am. the moment market opened I bought 7k at .10. I did try to get more but

there were no asks. The warrants are good for 2 years. Warrants rarely trade in

much volume. some do. Check out P.wt to see how they move.

Also years ago I owned warrants in NGD. They were really good movers.

Keep in mind you want to sell before they expire. Trying to actually convert them

into shares is a major hassle. I leave that to the brokers. Normally you bid but

yesterday I bought the ask asap since I knew news would come and the

asks would go up.

If you want more info on trading warrants, drop me a pm.

Great day, I knew it was coming. IR has been terrific and been very prompt when I email,

which I have done many times. We have alot of good news coming, 43-101, ir coming

to town in the fall , mine updates etc.