Very well expressed Willard . Unfortunately for me I can`t express myself or type as well as you.  I would point out that even the lowest of our middle class live better now than royalty did less then 100 years ago. Alot better without needing body guards .  I have always been concerned about the state of mankind and the destruction of the environment . That all changed last winter. I stayed for two months in L.A. and I love it there but the shear magnitude of humanity and the toll they are taking on the environment is shocking . I have decided there is no hope for mankind in it`s present form . My adult children like all their friends are only concerned about bigger houses and bigger SUV`s/trucks towing huge water craft with bigger motors than the trucks . There is no hope and this can`t last much longer . I continue to live minimumally as I always have but I don`t say"" what kind of world are we leaving for our grand children ?" If we don`t wreck it they will .  Nature will fix everything in the end. But if anybody wants to worry about that kind of thing , OWN PHYSICAL GOLD ! End of story .