Wayned, you see what I see as well, the consumer ( as opposed to producer ) society is alive and well.


Pardon my occassional outbursts of anger in my posts usually brought about by one of my infrequent visits to Gommorah wherein I start to feel like the lone sage of antiquity shouting at all ears " REPENT of your way's NOW.

To clarify matters a little those trucks, ships, and trains are carrying by and large Chinese junk for the indiscriminating more is better American lower middle class credit and junk addicts whose numbers are inreasing steadily Tim Hortons and McDonalds are the epitome of the cheap junk fast food industry, one heavy on the sugar for up and coming junior diabetics, the other loaded up on sodium with the same effect along with hypertension, bad arteries, and general cell destruction. Actual nutritional value, ZERO.

I do drink the odd cup of Tim's coffee, black. But I prefer on a day's outing to pack a nice wholesome lunch of home grown tomatoes on local bakery baked bread ( unbleached flour ) unsalted real butter spread, or pieces of range fed chicken along with a generous helping of garden fresh peas and carrots.

Find me a good Mom and Pop restaurant anywhere still serving nutritious family meals ( they used to exist ) but there is no such establishment today because it would be declared illegal by government agencies, besides parents would meet optimum resistance from their doped up offspring who would throw truly possessed tantrums at being told to eat such a meal.

As to our stocks and what have you expext a rocky road. The cheap digital  phoney money creators ( only gold makes Greshams list of requirements as money ) will do one thing and get their handmaidens the press ( including the financials ) to brodcast something else. It is up to you to seperate fact from fiction and perceive what is the intent and objective and what  you can do to profit and protect your domain.

The bulk of humanity in the Anglo/American camp ( including Europe ) are captured by a 100 year old program of stupefaction from which there is no escape, none at all. Every single individual ( there are exceptions of course ) believes that salvation will come from Government even if that requires the total elimination of todays style of governing to another similar prototype. With that type of programmed thinking the elites will allway's be back in power. Might as well go back to the days of sovereign Kings and Queens who in effect own all lands and subjects, this being their capital and stock. No King or Queen would risk destroying their capital stock for their reign would exist no more, but politicians in a democratic system of government do it all of the time during their tenure. They are only there for a period of time so while the opportunity exists lets get all we can of that capital stock.

And that is what we have today a critical injury to the stock and capital everywhere you look. The wolves have loved the many forms of democratic governments, the thefts have been monstous both in material and human misery terms but not one man in a hundred thousand see's a solution other than another form of government.

The most rudimentary forms of tribal councils and leaders would never have allowed this criminal fiction to rule their lives and would know and see it for what it is. Why can't we???