Yes well, the chart took a dent today, and right across the stock spectrum too supposedly because a fed head or two moved their lips. The entire investment domain seems to quake like a bowl of jello whenever there is any noise from any of these fixers of the .h.t THEY GOT US INTO  here and in Yurrup. Obviously nobody can make a sound decision on investing any longer, what is there to look at for growth? Debt thats all, too bad there isn't a debt index one can invest in, it won't be a speculation but a sure thing with lots and lots of growth like International Harvester after the Big One.


I hear a lot about how hard the Fed is working and how difficult it is in these times of a kind of crisis we have never experienced before, I even hear that they are incompetent,  Hah.. baloney thats my reply, they know exactly what they are doing and for a long long time, centuries in fact. The internet is ripping the mask off this gallery of rogues day by day.