upward bound most likely to get shorted quickly so the H funds can carry on the gold/equity spread, and who knows what other shady activity might be going on. Everything that I have read so far as to the reason for the TSX.V becoming the gold stock killing floor ( including the producers ) does not make sense to me. ETF's?some leverage? Good for chicken hawks only at best a double play on the price of gold. The 2008 gold stock debacle? What about the nice recovery 09-10. There are other theories about but I won't bother getting into all that. I got back into the Venture market seriously again in 06 because as I saw that another mania seemed likely and we had taken several serious steps in that direction only to be aught in a train wreck each time. I believe all markets are manipulated as is being revealed in an avalanche of masks getting caught in the wind now every day. One problem for the retail investor is the lack of sophistication on the part of regulators who do not have the tools to discover and put a stop to the effects of some of these fiendishly fast and clever machine trades, that leaves no protection for investors putting money into the markets and it's only a matter of time before the wolves show up at your door.

So why put up with it ( gold hi/ stocks lo/ like since forever ) because at the end of this circus lies a rainbow of gold, miners and explorers. Gold is money, Gold Is Money, GOLD IS MONEY. Got that? Yea, and Silver too. It won't be a very long time before those owning gold and good gold and silver equities will be happily smiling at the moment of great rewards.

There are few things today that are not subject to ruin by financial heresy ( futures and derivitives ) the banker devil's ancient game, complete ownership of productive land even if very small and good clean water are two of those things. Having these gives me great peace of mind and the reflective capacity to be patient without endurance....... Willie