Illiquid as all getout but today a few shares were offered and priced down in the dirt and easy to buy.

Insider filings at SEDI show insiders (Ridgway, Szotlender, Cass, Bales, Rushton, Whittall & Osler) were recently given 21c options. Company website indicates insiders have about 12% of currently issued shares.

TMX site shows 40,112,974 shares o/s.

News from April and co. website shows the Buenaventura serious Peruvian miner company has just under 10%.  I also see they put some money into FCV treasury including $1.5mil. at

Co. website shows a June 2012 powerpoint indicating approx. cash of $5.3mil in treasury.  The cheapie calculator says that represents at least a dime and then some of cash per share.  I know there are lots of ways to do variations of the Cash Disappearing Act when it comes to a penny pip-squeaker but for now at least there does appear to be a bit of a cushion between today's price and zero.

Toss in the indicated prospects for a little extra cushion.

Personally am intrigued, biased and will now call the trade broken if price closes under
.15 with volume.  Ugly global macro backdrop for the speculative penny stuff but for this thing it does appear they may be resonable risk reward offered.  Time will tell, been wrong before.