The story will continue to be exceptional for FIS now FCU no doubt. I averaged down when FIS hit 0.35 not long before the buyout. Those who did are glad they did obviously. The dust has settled and now FCU remains a 50/50 joint venture with AMW.

Let's not forget what may have triggered the DML buyout of FIS. Maybe it was the PTU buyout from FIS that made them more appealing. So who's next?

DML now owns pretty much everything along side RioTinto's Hathor Exploration property which was why I've been involved with FIS from the get go. Which is a reason why I will continue to buy and add DML shares along with FCU shares.

Take a look at look at this article here and learn some of the dynamics that now exist in the PLS area.

Who's next, what are you predictions, I'm not sure all the properties near buy will be as rich as the 50/50 PLS property. Like some have stated before, this one might just make the 600 million Hathor Exploration buyout look like small potatoes.